Cayetano L. Gutiérrez Solano, a pharmacist since the age of 28, has specialized in cosmetic formulation for more than 30 years. His interest in formulation has been a hard road that has involved many hours of work, study and sacrifice. During years of formulating Cayetano learns to “listen” to people’s skin, to hear what they need and what they like in order to provide an effective solution to that need.

What is Laboratorio Carmado?

In 2006, it began to develop and manufacture advanced cosmetics for third parties. For the last 15 years, it has been moving towards super-specialization in the design of effective cosmetics that improve the skin and do not leave it indifferent, solving dermal problems with cosmetic solutions. This passion and ability to formulate is recognized and requested by physicians specializing in dermatology, aesthetics, nutrition and longevity.

Such is the success of D. Cayetano, that in July 2009, Laboratorio Carmado is born and gives name to his own cosmetic brand, SkinClinic. Technology, formulation, R&D&I and quality are the pillars on which the brand is built. Teamwork and specialization in skin care products are what have led Laboratorio Carmado to continue growing to become a team of more than 80 highly qualified people.

Inauguration of new headquarters

Laboratorio Carmado has grown so much to the point of internationalization in more than 50 countries. Each cosmetic is a reliable and highly effective solution to improve the appearance and health of the skin, responding to specific needs and problems. A wide range of highly effective professional facial and body products are designed here, taking into account the treatments that medical and esthetic professionals apply at the professional level. All this growth has led Laboratorio Carmado to the inauguration of a new headquarters with more than 5,000 m² of surface area with the most advanced technology for the development of cosmetic products. In these facilities we formulate cosmetics for our three business lines; SkinClinic, Karoma and SC-ON, in addition to the manufacture of cosmetics for third parties to meet our customers’ requirements.

Objective Carmado Laboratory

Our aim is to offer skin solutions and meet the demand of physicians and aesthetic specialists who are looking for a range of clinical cosmetics to meet the specific needs of skin and hair.

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